TRISTA SYDLOSKI-TESCH     Designer + Illustrator  
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Starbucks Pike Place Logo Refresh

Client: Starbucks 2015

The original Starbucks Store is located in Pike Place in Seattle and sees thousands of customers, both tourists and locals, come through daily. The store sold a huge volume of their branded vintage logo merchandise, but it had never been designed as a thoughtful, cohesive collection.

My concept was to elevate and highlight the heritage of the original store by creating a lockup that could be used on branded merchandise such a mugs, pour overs, coffee scoops, hangtags, packaging, aprons and even the boxes stacked up on the shelves holding surplus coffee beans. Inspired by the large windows of the store that read “ S T A R B U C K S”,  the mark came about after multiple sketches of vintage style logos. Materials for the final collection included craft paper, walnut wood, bronze foil, gunmetal finishes and it would be paired with a “ringless” Siren logo and feature hand sketches of the store done by local architect Frank Ching. The result was a modern hertiage mark that could be utilized in a variety of ways for the store and offered a wide range of merchandise applications.