TRISTA SYDLOSKI-TESCH     Designer + Illustrator  
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Strawberry Custard Latte

Client: Starbucks Japan
4 Color Process + 2 Spot Color + Pearl ink

Starbucks Japan wanted to launch a brand new Spring flavor to follow up their very popular cherry blossom themed Sakura Latte.  When showing concepts to the clients, they loved the swirled strawberry design but were hesitent to not go with a more “traditional” palette of pinks and whites.  After showing color inspiration from the Spring 2017 runway shows, particularly Pucci, and mentioning this would really pop on shelf, they saw that the choice of highlighter yellow, brightened pastels and hot coral red brought a fresh, contemporary energy to the product. The product sold very well in Japanese convenience stores and was highlight Instagrammable, just as they had requested in their brief.